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When advertisers go to war…BMW started it, Audi answered it, Subaru needed something to say, and Bentley had the last laugh…

This is a creative and funny example of competitive print advertising in South Africa.

It all began when BMW ran an ad which congratulated Audi for winning South African car of the year 2006, but congratulated them with the line “From the winner of World Car of the year 2006.”

Of course, Audi was not about to sit back and ignore the advertisement, and so they responded ferociously, with a similar ad stating that the “world car of the year award” was nice but we’re “The Winner of 6 consecutive Le Mans 24 hour races”……

Then, out of nowhere, comes Subaru, who seemed to have felt left out and obviously also wanted in on the action, and subsequently jumped in with an ad saying , “Well done to Audi and BMW for winning the beauty contest. From the winner of the 2006 International Engine of the Year Winner”

And then comes Bentley with a priceless response…

the chairman of bentley has the final say


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