Update #5 (March 9 – March 22)

The past few weeks have been fairly busy.  A lot has been completed, including the collection of bottles, building the mini-gardens, and putting together the poster presentation.  Each task is discussed in their respective sections below:

Bottle Collection

To promote the bottle drive, we posted additional posters around campus to spread the word on our project.  In addition, we made a class announcement in one of our Civil Engineering classes to remind our classmates of the bottle drives happening in Kaiser and Gage.

Bottle drive at Kaiser.

On the day of our first bottle drive at Kaiser, we did not receive many bottles.  As we found that continuing to just collect bottles was not going to satisfy our goal, we quickly decided to collect bottles as well as donations in return for a cookie.  More people were inclined to give donations as very few of them were in possession of 2L pop bottles.  This continued on to our bottle drive at Gage.  More people were informed of this event and many people showed up with bottles and donations.  We received a lot of support from our classmates as well as other students around campus.  In addition to collecting bottles through the bottle drive, we also collected a huge amount of bottles from our family and friends.

Drawing the template on the collected bottles at the Gage booth.

Our bottle collection was a huge success!  In total, we collected 125 bottles and $100 in donations (equivalent to 500 bottles)!  As requested, we drew the template on each bottle.  All of the bottles and donations were delivered to Ray-Cam and Warren was very impressed with our contributions to the food wall.  The remaining bottles will be purchased to meet the final count of 2500.

Delivering bottles at Ray-Cam.

The wall is currently being built and is awaiting the installation of bottles.  Warren has asked us to participate in attaching the bottles to the food wall.  We are going to help out on the morning of March  24.


Besides the bottle drive, we were busy at work with our own miniature garden designs.  Each design is described below:

Tennis Ball Garden

Old tennis balls can be cut and attached to suction cups, which can then be used as small plant holders.  They can easily be stuck on windows or placed on counter tops.

Coffee Cup Garden

Coffee cups can be used to hang plants upside down in various places.  This takes up very little space as they are hung in open areas, which allows for easy access.

Light Bulb Garden

Light bulbs have little use once they have burned out.  However, they can be used as very vases for small plants after the light bulb filament is removed.

Beer Can Garden

Besides recycling, cans could be constructed into unique structures that hold small plants.  They can be arranged in numerous fashions and can be placed in various places.

Poster Presentation

Our group is currently working on the poster for the presentation.  All the text has been printed out and we are just in need of posting everything onto the poster board.  We will be meeting before the presentation on Monday to put the finishing touches on the poster and our presentation.

Working on the poster.

We are very excited about reaching the end of our project!

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