Indicator Plants

Maianthemum dilatatum – false lily-of-the-valley

Common Name

false lily-of-the-valley



Scientific Name

Maianthemum dilatatum

Soil Moisture Regime (SMR)
  • Wet (W)
  • Very Wet (VW)
Soil Nutrient Regime (SNR)
  • Rich (R)

Botanical Drawing

Hitchcock, C. Leo, and Arthur Cronquist. Flora of the Pacific Northwest: An Illustrated Manual © 1973. Reprinted with permission of the University of Washington Press.

General / Habitat
  • Herbaceous perennial growing from creeping rhizomes
  • Occurs in moist, shady woods and riversides
  • Low to middle elevations.
Key Identifying Characteristics
  • Form: Erect stems 10-40 cm tall
  • Leaves: Alternate with long stalks, typically 2 leaves per plant, prominently heart-shaped, up to 10 cm long, parallel-veined leaves as in all monocots
  • Flowers: white, small, many borne in terminal cylindric cluster
  • Fruit: round, light green and speckled brown when unripe and red when mature
Interesting Characteristics
  • Formerly in Liliaceae family
Co-occurring Species

Douglas, G.W. et al (Editors). 1998-2002. Illustrated Flora of British Columbia, Volumes 1 to 8. B.C. Min. Environ., Lands and Parks, and B.C. Min. For., Victoria, B.C.

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