Indicator Plants

Rhytidiopsis robusta – pipecleaner moss

Common Name

pipecleaner moss



Scientific Name

Rhytidiopsis robusta

Soil Moisture Regime (SMR)
  • Dry (D)
  • Moderately Dry (MD)
  • Medium (M)
Soil Nutrient Regime (SNR)
  • Poor (P)

Botanical Drawing

Image courtesy of the Royal BC Museum and Archives

General / Habitat
  • Moss forming large, single-species mats
  • Subalpine forest floors, sometimes occurring on logs at low elevations
Key Identifying Characteristics
  • Form: Yellow to pale green, few branches, stems with small green filaments and closely-set leaves
  • Leaves: Strongly curved to one side, have longitudinal pleats, and have a double-midrib that ends near mid-leaf. The leaf curve and double-midrib help distinguish it from other species.
  • The moss is soft in texture and not brittle
  • Sporophytes: Occasional, with asymmetric, curved capsules, red-brown when mature

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