Warm Atlantic Water flowing into the Arctic Ocean

In an article on the Montreal Gazette that was posted today, data collected from a German research boat Maria S. Merian shows that the temperature of the Atlantic water that flows into the Arctic Ocean is at an all time high. The temperature of the Atlantic is at its highest in the last 2000 years. The warmer Atlantic water contributes to the “Atlantic meltdown” that have been occurring, which consists of ice retreat and ice melting.

This is a cause for concern as these changes in the ocean currents affects the Earth’s climate. Past historical records show that changes in the North Atlantic Current bring drastic effects on our climate. It resulted in cold and warm periods that had temperatures plummeting in the northern Europe during the Dark Ages and rising again in the medieval times, then dropping a little again during the Ice Ages.

Long term studies of the effects still need to be conducted as there are no other records that could be cross referenced. There are only few records that date back 150 years, so the research team had resorted to using fossils that are temperature sensitive to record the temperature change.

Perhaps the results of the research will bring caution to the human race and ultimately influence changes in our lifestyles.

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