Is the lack of moral values the major cause for high divorce rate?

The rate of divorce is increasing dramatically since the beginning of the 21st century, but what is the real cause. Some people blame it on hardships in providing the basis for the life. They work extra hard and get too obsessed with responsibilities that they forget the needs of their loved ones. But if we step back and look at our expectations we realize that our standards of living is way higher compared to the past. Mostly people seek nice cars and houses but they may not be aware that how much time they should devote to their work in order to satisfy those needs. If on the other hand, people don’t set their standards for life too high and be able to be satisfied with what they have, they will have way more time for themselves and their partner and can invest that time in building a more solid relationship, or in the case of families, invest that time to educate their children. Certainly media plays a significant role in people expectations for life, but people have to try to see that and not be affected by external factors.

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