Module 1 Post 1: Re-Signfying The Traditional & Art&Fashion

My interest was piqued by Ginsburg, Faye D., “Screen Memories: Resignifying the Traditional in Indigenous Media, “ in Media Worlds: Anthropology on a New Terrain and my R. and Perkins’s work re: aboriginal filmmaking. I would like to extend this theme of Resignifying the Traditional in Indigenous Media to other forms of art. My goal would be to further explore the relationship of technology/media that is used by indigenous peoples on their own terms and possibly without any cultural appropriation.
I am interested in Indigenous Art a part of everyday life/being that I have witnessed while living on a First Nation community where Art is place-based, inseparable from nature, land, well-being, surrounding living beings, spirituality, narrative, healing, the artist, etc. and it situated closely within each and comes an expression of this tight interconnectedness (and as such comes within a different set of relationships than when looking at Art as a separate discipline that is to be studied). I believe that knowing about this topic more in depth would enrich me as a person and consequently, as a teacher.  
My first part of this research has taken me to an interesting online article about fashion, culture and where art/narrative is tied to strong ancestral roots and a sense of identity. As a designer Bethany Yellowtail’ says: “It’s beautiful to see the continuity of our people from then to now,” she told Mic. “I wanted to convey that with my collection — we’re still here, we’re still a reflection of our ancestors.”   See here:

Stunning Images Show How Native American Fashion Looks Without Cultural Appropriation

The article comes with a spoken word art done by B.Yellowtail and is powerful. See here:

Ana K.

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