Module 2- Post 1-The Importance of Education in the Wake of The Truth and Reconciliation Report

In an interview with CBC right before the release of the Truth and Reconciliation Report, Murray Sinclair spoke to Peter Mansbridge about the importance of education.

He stated that it was not an aboriginal problem but a Canadian problem. The same messages we were giving aboriginal students at residential school, the stereotypes of being ‘heathens’ ‘savages’ or ‘inferior’ was the same message we were giving in the public schools.

In his interview he stated, “ We need to look at how we are educating children. We need to change that message in the public schools and aboriginal schools as well to ensure that every child educated in Canada receives full and proper history of each indigenous group and the territories in which they live so that they will grow up learning how to speak to and about each other in a more respectful way.”

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