Module 2 Post 1: BC Connectivity Map

Several initiatives are being taken to improve broadband connectivity in BC.  Such initiatives are intended to increase the percentage of rural residents who have access to the internet.   The BC Connectivity Map shows how far broadband connectivity stretches across the province. I find it particularly interesting that, while 100% of residents within my town’s municipality have access to broadband coverage and mobile coverage, only 50% of the population within the surrounding First Nation reservations have broadband coverage.  Mobile coverage is still virtually non-existent.  Observations and anecdotal evidence within our school suggest that the technology skills of our First Nation students are continuing to lag behind.  How much does this lack of connectivity contribute to this digital divide and does it limit the implementation of new teaching approaches, such as flipped classrooms and BYOD initiatives?

Government of British Columbia. (2015). BC broadband connectivity map.  Retrieved from

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