Module2-Post1: Trauma, loss and grief for Aboriginal children

The role of students’ emotional competency (both indigenous and non-indigenous) has become increasingly important in their performance in school. Since cultural background might be one of the most crucial elements to determining students’ approach to learning and performance, I’ve been researching on resources related to the Aboriginal children’s emotional health as a result of their cultural backgrounds and how educational programs could be designed to meet their learning needs. Studying about Aboriginal children’s trauma, loss and grief may be a good start. This Youtube video (divided into six parts) was produced by the Australian Child and Adolescnet Trauam Loss and Grief Network based at The Australian National University. The institute also funded a research on understanding the social & emotional Well-being of Aboriginal children, “Not one size fits all“.

The speakers of the whole video include Dr Margaret Weir, Dr Maggie Walter, Professor Mick Dodson, Paul Stewart and Adele Cox. Like the title suggests, the topic centers on trauma, loss and grief for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children in Australia. Each year on Australia Day (January 26th) Australia honours the Australian of the Year, persons who “inspire us through their achievements and challenge us to make our own contribution to creating a better Australia” and Mick Dodson was awarded Aboriginal Australian of the year of 2009.

In addition, the Australian Child and Adolescent Trauma, Loss and Grief Network website provides a wide range of resources regarding the topic.

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