3.5 – Education Reform in the South Pacific

Like Canada, Australia, and many other places, the South Pacific was subject to colonialism and all that entails. However, instead of the indigenous people coming out a minority in their own nations they still represent the majority (with exceptions like Fiji, whose former indentured labourers are now the majority). Many of these countries established independence in the latter half of the 20th century, and so they have had time to adjust and look towards a new education model. Here are a couple sites I found with information on their education reforms, which interestingly mirror those in Nunavut in many cases:

Rethinking Educational Reform: A Pacific Perspective – This will be a major piece of reading for me to do, with lots of insight into whether they are looking at truly creating a model which reflects their indigenous practices.

Kiribati Education Sector Strategic Plan – This has some great pieces of government legislation points to climate change adaptation as a major part of their education.

This link seems to shed some insight into how to create an infrastructure for education on these islands which are highly dependent on external supplies.

A Quick profile of the opportunities for virtual classrooms in Kiribati (spoiler: not great)

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