Digital Technology for Indigenous Empowerment – Christensen

I’m posting a link to a site that was really interesting not only for my research but because of our readings and discussion in the last couple of weeks.  This is a blog post from 2012 that contains three ways Indigenous cultures in different places in the world have used different kinds of technology.

In one part called “Preserving, Celebrating and Transmitting Culture” the blogger talks about the Mursi tribe in Ethiopia, they use digital cameras to shoot film footage documenting the “richness of their tribe and their struggles.” They are using this technology to give their people a voice and represent themselves to the outside world. In this case study they also mention Isuma TV which Zacharias Kunuk created in 2008 which is described as an “Indigenous YouTube channel for Inuit and other Aboriginal Peoples.”

The Christensen Fund itself is an organization that supports biological and cultural diversity and believe in their interdependence. They have a long mission statement if you care to follow the link.

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