Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network (UAKN)


The Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network provides a voice for those Indigenous individuals and families choosing to live outside of traditional land (reservation).  This website provides an interactive map illustrating breakdown of aboriginal populations per major center.  Furthermore, this website provides interactive infograph on what the average aboriginal life is like within an urban center with respect to education, finances, and quality of life.

The research aspect of the knowledge network aims at providing a higher quality of life for urban aboriginals.  Through partnerships with social organizations and educational institutions, they aim to develop policies to assist these members of urban communities.  Research generated from this organization is quite diverse, from topics such as Truth in Indigenous Ways of Knowing to Transforming Education for the Urban Youth.  These topics highlight the contrasting challenge of urban aboriginals such as social dislocation, assisting with family separation and how to combat racial discrimination.  While this is a different dialogue, it is one that must be included within the Indigenous experience.

To access the website, click on: http://uakn.org/

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