Truth and Reconcilliation Committee: Canada Guilty of Cultural Genocide

This initial article, Canada, Guilty of Cultural Genocide Against Indigenous People is a snapshot summary of the work of the Truth and Reconcilliation Committee (TRC), developed to fully investigate the demise of Canadian Indigenous culture, primarily through the adoption of residential schools.   The settlement process involves the government, church, and residential school survivors.  The TRC has compiled all of the information obtained into two volumes and it includes 94 recommendations, some of which are outlined in this article.



In the article it also states how the Federal government of Canada, under the reign of Stephen Harper and his Conservative party, failed to fulfill their own party promises.   With the recent change in Prime Minister and House of Commons it will be interesting to see how many of the TRC recommendations are put into action. I am including a second link, to a CBC article:  Record 10 Indigenous MP’s Elected to House of Commons.  Change is certainly in the air and this is certainly coming just at the right time.

Indigenous MPs elected

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