Module 2: mining-related content

My focus for the final project will be indigenous peoples in mining. I have found a great amount of resources and I’m trying to narrow it down. Some useful websites/materials for now:

1. Goldcorp – Partnerships and Programs (Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples)

This is a program run by Goldcorp that intends to identify and create partnerships with Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples, to further a culture of economic independence, ownership, entrepreneurship and enterprise management. The focus is on creating employment opportunities for local communities, as well as offering cultural training for non-Aboriginal employees and contractors, to prepare them for working in a new culture or a culturally diverse situation.

2. Aboriginal Awareness Canada

This company offers online training on aboriginal awareness, to help people have a better understanding and enhance communications between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

3. Land Is Life: Indigenous Defenders Speak – 3

“Land Is Life: Indigenous Defenders Speak, is about ongoing frontline struggles by these communities to protect their lands, to assert their nationhood, and to defend their ways of life. These communities have all been asserting and exercising traditional governance, laws, and jurisdiction and have taken up courageous actions to stop mining, oil and/or gas development in their territories.” I found this talk makes a good connection to the topics reviewed in this Module.

4. Exploration and Mining Guide for Aboriginal Communities

This guide, released in 2006 and revised for 2013, is designed to inform Aboriginal communities across Canada about the stages of the mineral development cycle, from early exploration to mine closure, to help Aboriginal people better understand the industry, and to identify the many ways in which exploration and mining can promote community sustainability.

5. Mining and Indigenous Peoples Issues Review

This review provides a brief overview of Indigenous peoples issues faced by the mining industry as it seeks to gain access to land, carry out exploration and, if successful, develop and manage a mining operation. It aims to provide guidance on possible options in this area for the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) and the mining industry to contribute to. The review was commissioned by ICMM under the direction of its Community and Social Development Task Force.






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