Research Weblog: Entry 2

  1. Experience Akwesasne Interactive Map

An interactive map hosted online that permits users to learn about the historical, artistic, and cultural aspects of Akewsasne Mohawk Territory.


  1. The website for the Ojibwe Cultural Foundation

A comprehensive website providing access to various resources related to Ojibwe culture. As an educator, I see this as a very rich and useful resource for teaching and learning.


  1. Website of Professor Kim Tallbear from the Faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta.

I recently attended a talk given by Tallbear. Her work looks at the intersections between Indigeneity and Technoscience. I think she offers interesting insights into the way scientific discourses around family and relationships have been left critically unquestioned, and thus normalized.


  1. Treaty Relations and Two Row Companion

This YouTube video is a part of a series of called “conversations in cultural fluency” produced by the Six Nations Polytechnic. I think this video is a great example of how Mohawk scholar used the medium of YouTube to teach about Wampum diplomacy.


  1. Television show “Mohawk Girls”

Hosted on APTN’s website, Directed by Tracey Deer, from Kahnawake, this show attempts to engage with some serious questions around being Mohawk today– albeit in an over-dramatic, soap-opera style way.  Deer also directed “Club Native” a NFB documentary that picks up on similar issues.


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