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The sites that I have explored and discovered this module are a bit eclectic. The area I would like to explore for my final project deals with film but I find that there are limited sites available regarding First Nations Film. I am still looking. I did, however, discover a number of sites that provide greater insight into different Indigenous groups and resources that can be used in the classroom.

This was a really interesting site to explore. I think that it would be a wonderful site to use with students to find out more about the Tsimshian culture. It provides a lot of information and is interactive which allows individuals to explore at their own pace. I like how it incorporates audio, video, images and interactives within the site. The information is quite comprehensive but easy to understand. I think that it would be great to use with students so they can gain some insights into Tsimshian culture.

This site looks at a variety of First Nations groups across Canada and tells stories and teachings for the different groups. The site explains the connection that exists between the different groups despite the noted differences. I found that it provided a wonderful overview of regional differences between the Indigenous groups within Canada. It should be noted that West Coast Canada is not included in this site. One other thing that should be noted is the information is provided in both English and French.

This site provides a wealth of information about residential schools in Canada. It does not sugar coat anything and has a disclaimer that some of the content in the videos is quite difficult. I have not watched all the videos in the collection but the few that I did watch are quite powerful. You see the lasting impact that residential schools had on people.

This site is another one that can be used as a teaching tool. It has interactives, videos and articles that can help to provided deeper understanding into Indigenous culture. The site focuses on Native drums and has a number of videos and interviews which discuss the importance of drumming in Native culture. The part that I found most useful in the site what the downloadable teacher resource kits. They have collections of myths, legends with guided questions. There are articles explaining oral tradition and belief systems; included are also guided questions, assignments and rubrics. This all can help to develop activities in class.

  • First Nations Art Installations

I really enjoyed this video. It was inspirational to see the young artists explain the elements of their culture and how they are working together to express their cultures. One of the artiest explains their goal which is to inspire Aboriginal youth. Although the video is very short I thought that it fit nicely with this week’s videos – these First Nations Artists are expressing themselves through traditional art but they have provided their own modern twists as well.

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