Literacy and Indigeneity Post #2

Weaving words with Dreamweaver: Literacy, Indigeneity, and Technology is an article outlining the song based communication history of Indigenous Australians. The article outlines the impact the lack of language history understanding has had on these people. From unemployment to success in school. “Aboriginal people need to be able to learn and use the language of their “own country” because the Dreamings and, hence, their identities are tied to that language. (Kapitzke, 2001)”

Kapitzke, C., Bogitini, S., Chen, M., MacNeill, G., Mayer, D., Muirhead, B., & Renshaw, P. (2000). Weaving words with the dreamweaver: Literacy, indigeneity, and technology. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 44(4), 336-345.

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