Cultural Appropriation: Module 2, Post 5

This article by Shree Paradkar speaks about cultural appropriation; what the writer believes is the correct way to learn and borrow from other cultures. The main take away is that if you would like to borrow anything from another culture, you must first study it and ┬ámake sure you understand the significance. The whole topic is brought up in this article in reference to art work that was taken down in Toronto due to some form of appropriation. The artist is criticized for making racially inappropriate posts on YouTube. She claims that there was no ill intent involved, merely entertainment. But where is the artistic line drawn? What is comedy, what is art? It is an expression of yourself. I find this very difficult to define. The line of appropriateness is very blurry. Being Canadian means that most people here have a very widespread cultural background. In this article, “white” people are focused on as those doing the appropriation. However, no one is white. I found this an interesting read, especially since it is so recent and from my hometown.

Paradkar, S. (2017, May 16). What cultural appropriation is, and why you should care: Paradkar. Retrieved June 16, 2017, from

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