Our Songs: Module 2, Post 4


Our songs is a collection of music from Indigenous peoples around the world. The site displays an interactive world map. You can click on a mic icon and discover songs from around the world. I think this musical archive is an amazing tool. Living in Canada, the music we hear on the radio is very Westernized. Often, artists diminish accents and alter their production to make them sound more American. This makes it pretty hard to figure out where a song/artist originates from. I love watching interview of musicians for this reason. I like to have a better understanding of who they are and where their music is coming from. This website helps make this more accessible.

Each song has tags associated with it. The one I clicked on has the tags: environment, humour, identity, language, love, and people. There is intro and story about the musician Kali Navales. This information is present for each artist. This is a really cool way to explore Indigenous music.

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