Module 1 – Post 4: “Indian Country Today” News Website: Paul Waterlander

Indian Country Today is a one-stop news site focusing on Indigenous issues mostly centred in North America, but often looks globally as well.  This is a good example of using technology to amplify the Indigenous viewpoint to a wider audience.

While browsing, I saw articles on the legal ( U.S. treaty rights), the political ( Idle No More), the historical (Pocahontas: real vs. Disney version), political (cartoons drawn by Marty Two Bulls), and even entertainment (an interview with actor Adam Beach).

The reporters and the columnists are all Indigenous, so readers get their perspective on events that impact the Indigenous populations.  This is important, because the mainstream media often ignore, or show their bias to these events.  Rarely do the voices of Indigenous people get reflected in today’s mainstream media.

This is a great source to find the genuine and unfiltered viewpoints of Indigenous people.



Political cartoons found in Indian Country Today drawn by Marty Two Bulls:



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