Module 3 – Post 3: “Did You Know” Videos: Paul Waterlander

This series of videos are very effective in helping to dispel common “myths” that are found all over Canada today when it comes to Indigenous Canada.  I have used these videos in my history classes with good outcomes.  I usually stop the video right after the narrator asks a question like: “Did the Canadian government ever outlaw Aboriginal sacred ceremonies?”  I then ask my own class to give their response.  When we are done trying to answer, I hit the “play” button and we listen to what the real answer is.  It is a good and non-threatening way to provide students with the facts of our nation’s history.  For many, this will be quite illuminating.  Many of these “myths” about Indigenous Canada are based on ignorance, and with a correction of the “myth” with real facts, this could be the cold-water-in-the-face some of our population really needs to hear to wake up because status quo will not change if the dominant culture determines their world based on myths and stereotypes and errors.


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