Traditional Medicine Resources

The contribution of the Indigenous Peoples to the survival of the early European Settlers is often glanced over, or not touched upon at all in our classrooms.

It is important to remember that without the help of Indigenous Peoples settlers would not have survived, contents would not have been so easily explored, skills would not have been learned. Unfortunately these early teachings were lost in the idea that one culture was better then another, and that there was no “science” behind Indigenous Medicines.

The website lists 31 of the well Native American medicines. Unfortunately there are many more that have been lost because of the refusal of the dominant culture to understand, and learn from other cultures. The 1992 Drama “Medicine Man” touches on the idea that many traditional medicines have been lost to the world because of colonization and in turn – industrialization, and globalization.

Perhaps technology can document traditional medicinal knowledge before, like many languages, it is lost to the world. Perhaps the sharing of traditional medicinal knowledge online will allow the sharing of history and create a culture of respect for Indigenous cultures.


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