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Module 4, Post 5 – Digital Activities

Following the Ginsburg article, I was wondering what other initiatives there were supporting First Nations self-representation in the digital realm.

First Mile is an organization that shares stories of First Nations in ICT. They also conduct research into digital issues.


There are also several initiatives to create digital stories about a variety of First Nations experiences. This website focuses on the experiences of men:


And this one on women:



Module 1-Post 2: Aboriginal Digital Collections

Aboriginal Digital Collections

Libraries and Archives Canada (LAC) is fully aware that Aboriginal culture and heritage make up a large part of Canada’s fabric.  LAC has compiled an extensive collection of resources in their database that can be used as teaching resources or for research.  These resources have been created by and/or about Aboriginal people.  The site also showcases a directory of Aboriginal authors from across the country, artists that work in various mediums, illustrators, newspapers and libraries.