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4.3: 8th Fire Dispatches

Website: 8th Fire Dispatches 

8th Fire is a four-part mini-series from CBC that examines the past, present, and future of Canada’s relationship to its indigenous peoples. The mini-series’ website includes many resources relevant to indigenous knowledge. Two that I want to highlight are “Maps” and “Aboriginal Filmmakers”.

The “Maps” section includes a series of thematic maps that can be layered over the map of Canada. One map is a Stories Map, which includes dispatches from different First Nation voices across Canada. These dispatches focus on a variety of topics including history and culture to economic development projects. The Treaties and Land Claims map provides a visual overview of historic treaties, Peace and Friendship Treaties, settled land claims areas, and unsettled land claims areas.

The “Aboriginal Filmmakers” section profiles a handful of Aboriginal filmmakers. Profiles are linked to “dispatches” that the filmmakers have created for CBC as part of the 8th Fire Series. Most of these dispatches are short documentaries. I feel this dispatch from Jessie Fraser is timely with our recent discussions around Inuit in Nunavut: An Inuk Reporter in Iqaluit

Inspiring Success: Building Towards Student Achievement


The purpose of this policy framework guide is to build capacity and achieve change within the education system by way of  goals and strategies that will support achievement for all learners. This document is put out by the Saskatchewan government to address the educational needs of the First Nations and Metis population.  The goal is to work with First Nations people to create a platform that all students can be successful.  It is the government’s goal to re frame education  in the 21st century where all students feel their needs are reflected.  This policy addresses many of the historical issues in Saskatchewan as well as the economic, demographic and moral issues.

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National Aboriginal Day


June 21 is National Aboriginal Day in Canada.  This website has links to various learning resources about the aboriginal culture, as well as the aboriginal history in Canada.  There is also a section about Residential Schools Settlement Agreement, which was a topic covered in Module 1 readings.