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4.4 – Indigenous Ways Brought (back) into Agriculture

As the Green Studies teacher, I notice that we pull from all walks of life. A gardener is a very pragmatic knowledge seeker, not prescribing to any school of thought, rather doing whatever works best. That said, it is great to find Indigenous knowledge being co-opted into Scientific understanding, as found in this paper.

A framework for incorporating indigenous knowledge systems into agricultural research and extension organizations for sustainable agricultural development in India

Module 1, Post 5 – ICT for the Adivasi community

In spite of Howe (1998) contending that Cyberspace is no place for tribalism, few efforts have been made to bring ICT to the tribal community. However, these efforts are contentious according to many. An argument for use of ICT in tribal lives can be found below –


An actual effort in this direction has been documented here –