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Module 1 Post 5 – Resignifying the Traditional: Art & Music & Dance

My post collection wouldn’t be complete by forgetting to do research on Music and Dance. However, I am aware that for the future I will need to focus on a very specific topic. Maybe just one of the arts? What do you think? In the meantime, I will share a few videos I came across that resignifies the traditional music done by A Tribe Called Red and youth who is having so much fun in the video:  


While researching Jingle Dress Dancing, I came across the following that describes dancing as an art situated in ceremonies before hunting, wars, and other traditional activities. It becomes clear how art is tied to everyday living and traditions. Indigenous Institute of the Americas has a comprehensive list/videos of different dances, their meanings and narratives behind them. See here:


Ana K.


My interest was piqued by Ginsburg, Faye D., “Screen Memories: Resignifying the Traditional in Indigenous Media, “ in Media Worlds: Anthropology on a New Terrain and my R. and Perkins’s work re: aboriginal filmmaking. I would like to extend this theme of Resignifying the Traditional in Indigenous Media to other forms of art. My goal would be to further explore the relationship of technology/media that is used by indigenous peoples on their own terms and possibly without any cultural appropriation.

I am interested in Indigenous Art a part of everyday life/being that I have witnessed while living on a First Nation community where Art is place-based, inseparable from nature, land, well-being, surrounding living beings, spirituality, narrative, healing, the artist, etc. and it situated closely within each and comes an expression of this tight interconnectedness (and as such comes within a different set of relationships than when looking at Art as a separate discipline that is to be studied). I believe that knowing about this topic more in depth would enrich me as a person and consequently, as a teacher.