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Biology 20 Aboriginal Resources (Alberta)

Biology 20 Aboriginal Resources

This University of Alberta website provides various topics in biology that follow the Alberta education curricular outcomes.  These resources include the Indigenous climate, herbal medicine, photosynthesis, sustainability.  These resources provide excellent ideas for teachers to introduce biology and science from the aboriginal perspective.

Module 3.4: Aboriginal Forestry Initiative (AFI)

Post 4: Aboriginal Forestry Initiative (AFI)


When considering ways in which to bring culture and meaning into classroom lessons, I decided to research issues pertaining to ecosystems and aboriginal connections. On the Government of Canada website I found the Aboriginal Forestry Initiative (AFI), which is focused on enhancing Aboriginal participation in sustaining Canada’s forests. The site includes data and statistics of Aboriginal participants (could be used in a mathematics or business course) as well as details on the projects currently being conducted (could be used in a social studies, science, or English class).