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1.5: First Voices Indigenous Radio

First Voices Indigenous Radio Website

First Voices Indigenous Radio is a weekly radio program based out of New York City that is  broadcast on community and university radio stations in the United States and Canada. The host and creator, Tiokasin Ghosthorse, spent part of his youth in a residential boarding school and  began his career as a computer programmer. This career led him to question why, as an Indigenous person, he was producing media for others when Indigenous people were severely underrepresented in media broadcasting. Today, content in FVIR broadcasts focuses on the struggles of indigenous peoples everywhere.

1.4: National Indigenous Media Association of Canada

National Indigenous Media Association of Canada

This organization represents Indigenous broadcasters in Canada. Their mandate includes helping Indigenous broadcasters reach areas with weak ICT infrastructure and advocating for Indigenous broadcasters in front of legislators and regulators. One of the more interesting resources available on this site is a timeline of this history of Indigenous broadcasting in Canada. The site also outlines in great detail Canadian policies for Indigenous broadcasting. These policies are quite detailed, covering topics such as what constitutes  “native programming” and “native music”?