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Cultural collaboration or appropriation? How does Christi do it with Valentino Fashion House (Module 4-Post 4)


I was interested in find out how First Nation/Art could be used without cultural appropriation after so many incidents in the fashion world and beyond. Christi Belcourt, before her collaboration with the fashion house Valentino, took her time to think about and find out if this would be culturally appropriate. In my earlier weblogs, I investigated cultural appropriation in the context of arts/fashion and beyond.

Cultural Appropriation – (Post 4 – Module 3)


In one of my initial weblog entries, I posted an article about fashion clothing designed by Yellowtail inspired by plants, and based on indigenous traditional knowledge. The above website addresses the concept of cultural appropriation and could be extended to traditional knowledge that goes beyond the arts (e.g. knowledge on medicinal plants).