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Module 3, Post 4 – Grassroots Cinema for Adivasis

After seeing March Point, i was impressed with the use of technology for expression as imagined by the indigenous youth. While searching for similar efforts in India, I came across ‘Video volunteers’ a project which aims to train tribal youth and children in the art of film making and encourages them to express their concerns and struggles.

A prominent example is the short video expressing the concerns about unwarranted mining and resultant displacement of the Santhal community seen here –


About the programme – video volunteers –



Module 2.1 – North America Public Telecommunications (NAPT)

NAPT (North America Public Telecommunications) founded the Native American Public Broadcasting Consortium in 1976.  I came across this organization while reading Prins (week 4) with regards to Indigenous members creating films that accurately depict North American Indigenous peoples.  These filmmakers share a passion for creating films and documentaries that increase public awareness of “treaty rights, land claims, hunting and fishing rights, religious freedom, language preservation, repatriation or artifacts, and reburial of ancestral remains” (Prins, p.62-63).  Since its foundation, NAPT has co-supported several programs and independent films for public television, increasing the number and quality of culturally authentic films out there today.