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Aboriginal Territories In Cyberspace

Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace combines academics, artists and technologists to empower First Nation communities through new media technologies.  They have created virtual worlds, mentored projects such as Kahanawake Voices; an interactive community product in which individuals share personal stories. Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace also features articles and essays, along with a blog.  This website is great to give an Aboriginal face to an area that is usual lacking in terms of multiculturalism.

A project called CyberPowWow is also discussed on the site.   This on-line gallery and chat space for contemporary Aboriginal art is grown breaking and unique. It was through this CyberPowWow that the creators of Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace realized that, even on the Internet, Native people need a self-determined place to call home.

Emotional Educational Gaming- Module 3 (Post 1)

The Indigenous believe of experience and emotion being keys cogs in the acquisition of wisdom/knowledge is possible when the necessary experiences are available to the educator, as was seen on the Fraser River journey. However, in classrooms or other more traditional learning environments, “gamification” makes simulating experiential learning a possibility. This webpage created through UBC provides in-depth information on gamification for emotional development, and also links to “The Things We Carry” which represents a step in game design that has the potential to give students immersive, accessible and place-based lessons in emotional intelligence.



Module 2.5 Path of the Elders

Path of the Elders is a a free, online educational resource that explores Cree and Ojibway history and culture, in particular the signing of Treaty no. 9.  Not only is it a game for youth to celebrate and explore their culture, but it is also an amazing resource with archives of historical and cultural materials from photos, historic audio recordings, and video interviews with Elders.
One example of a resource from this game is a section where one can compare the experience of watching the media coverage to watching the Elders’ videos on Path of the Elders.