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4.5: Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada – Map Room

Website: http://www.aadnc-aandc.gc.ca/eng/1290453474688/1290453673970#h4

This website section is part of a much larger Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada website. This post is about the “Map Room” section specifically. This site includes a plethora of maps on Canadian First Nation communities and topics. Map topics range from census information, information about K-12 schools on reservations, and the distribution of residential school survivor settlements by province. Two interactive maps that I found particularly interesting were:

First Nation Profiles Interactive Map: Lists First Nations in Canada. By clicking on First Nation icon on the map, you can view demographic information about the First Nation. Furthermore, many also include links to community run websites.

Interactive Map on Specific Claim Settlements: Successful land claims are represented as orange dots on the map. Clicking on the dots reveals the name of the claim, the settlement date,  the dollar amount of the settlement, and the province. This is useful for seeing where claims have been made and for what reasons.

These maps are excellent for use in a Canadian History or a Global Issues classroom.

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

A government of Canada website that deals with many topics that are concerned with Aboriginal relations with the Federal government.  It includes a section on Aboriginal art that provides resources about Aboriginal artists and a resource centre in Gatineau Quebec.  There is a small online gallery that is representative of the work in the AANDC’s art gallery.



Module 3 post 1

Module 2 Post 3: Urban Indigenous Resources (#1)

In an effort to begin looking into Urban Indigeneity, I have included here a handful of links to online resources I have come across so far.

Link: Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network

Link: Government of Canada – Urban Aboriginal Peoples

Link: Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres 

Link: Urban Aboriginal Peoples Study

I hope to find more resources with deeper exploration of the topic, and I will add them as I do.

Module 1.3 – Government of Canada – Aboriginal Heritage

The federal government’s website houses a large collection of contributions of Aboriginal People to Canada, such as early mythologies, evidence of bison drives and jumps, photographic collections, virtual exhibitions, and current literature and films.  Some of the archived stories include: Stories of Long Ago, Stories of Here and Now, Voices of First Nations, and Voices of Metis.  This would be another excellent and credible resource to access to get accurate information.