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2.3: Muskrat Magazine

Website: Muskrat Magazine

Muskrat Magazine is a slickly produced Canadian online-only magazine focusing on indigenous arts and culture. Thus far, Muskrat has published seven thematic issues. Themes of past issues include “Food”, “Reconciliation”, and “Resistance”. The theme of the current issue is “Indigenous Arts Education”. This issue includes includes features on Indigenous Filmmakers at the Toronto International Film Festival and the Indigenous Group of Seven.

2.1. ICMI: Indigenous Culture Media Innovations

Website: ICMI

Indigenous Culture Media Innovations provides training to young indigenous peoples interested in pursuing careers in media broadcasting. ICMI is based in Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation, Quebec, and there is also an office in Ottawa.  ICMI offers a number of programs, the most involved of which appears to be the Indigenous Interactive Multimedia Program, which is an Arts program that includes training in graphic design, video production, digital video editing, web design, motion graphics, as well as programs focusing on indigenous culture and arts. Program instructors include indigenous screenwriters, filmmakers, camera operators, and multimedia artists. A minimum of a Grade 10 education is required to attend the program.