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Module 1 Post 3: Taking back Visual Identity

In searching for how First Nations people are reclaiming their identities, I fell on an interesting article called “ReMatriate wants to take back ‘visual identity’ of First Nations“.

In response to a Canadian designer’s announcement that its new fashion line was inspired by Indian tribes in Canada, women from various First Nations in the country are coming together and using social media to reclaim the control of their ‘visual identity’. Although short, the article addresses the issue of injustice regarding the Westerners’ ability to “borrow” elements of First Nations traditions and culture they deem pleasing while the Aboriginal peoples are required to fight in order to preserve them.

These women are using Facebook and Instagram as a means to share pictures and stories in an attempt to take back their identity and role in society as females. This article could definitely serve as an inspiration to researching women’s role and identity in society and how technology is being used to help them to share who they are and how they are represented.