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Module 4, Post 4 – Bioregional Education

One of the themes that has presented itself is the connection to land and environment. This is an important aspect to incorporate for culturally responsive education.

The Salmon Nation has a number of resources for bioregional education, including essays on a number of topics. They also have an extensive section with links to other websites.


Resources for Rethinking has a variety of resources like lesson plans and units for teachers wanting to teach sustainability.



Module 1.6 – Bison Spirit Land

As I am reading Michael Marker’s (2006) After The Makah Whale Hunt, I am thinking about the community I used to work in in Calgary.  My colleagues and I began to research the land our new school was being built on.  We were close to Nose Creek Park were bison roamed freely and Native groups lived.  We wanted our students to know about the history of the land our new school was being built on and so we started inquiring about it.  I came across this site today which beautifully shares Aboriginal Culture and History in Calgary Parks.