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Module 4: Post 2- Technology for Experiential Learning

This resource offered via the Gwenna Moss Institute through the University of Saskatchewan offers insight into technology being developed for the purposes of experiential learning. As experiential learning is a key component in the Indigenous educational model, this information will be vital in providing educators with practical techniques to blend modern technologies with ancient indigenous educational practices.


Module 4: Post 1-Technology Enhanced Social-Emotional Activities

This website has been designed to describe technology activities that facilitate social emotional learning. The links in the menu lead to descriptions of the individual activities. They can be used within formal and informal educational settings. This resource in going to be valuable in the final section of my essay where I make recommendations to educators and instructional designers on how to utilize educational technology to enhance social-emotional learning.



module 2 post 1

Module 2 post 1

Keywords: Penan,  Dusun, Murut, History,Indegnous, links, issues


This site provides a brief history of the Indegenous tribes of Brunei as well as a short history of their interactions with one another and the government. The government language policy and legislation puts great stress on tribal people such as the Penan to give up their spiritual way of life and convert to Islam through incentives such as housing and fresh water.