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Traditional Ceremonies and Traditional Cooking!

My web hunting has yielded a couple of gems in this module.  Two regarding ceremonies, one regarding Métis cooking, one regarding the education of educators, and one last compilation resource that I am not sure about (I would love some feedback on the last one; mishmash, or valuable?)


This video on the Sundance Ceremony shows the preparation that is involved in this ceremony from multiple perspectives.  It also includes elements of history and how they have impacted the way ceremonies are hosted and celebrated today.

This video is about the Blood Tribe of South Western Alberta. Though the piece itself is dated, it speaks of the divide between past and present generations and the ways each has known, and currently knows, the world.  This includes the shift in culture from attending Sundance camps to attending rodeos instead. It also may be something to consider the two above documentaries in comparison to each other.  How do the different groups experience the Sundance ceremony? How are the perspectives shown the same/ different? Why might that be?


This Métis cookbook could be such a great piece of enrichment for an Aboriginal studies course of unit! It contains history in the form of an introduction and as personal recollections distributed throughout the book.  It offers a large variety of recipes from wild game to breads to jellies.  It also offers a comparison of traditional preparations versus how one might prepare a similar dish today. In addition, it contains nutrition information throughout.


This website is a compilation of resources.  It contains categories on a large number of things; from relevant or related news articles, recipes, genealogy, the pow wow circuit, obituaries, and classified ads.  However, I am having trouble identifying the authenticity of this site.  I am hoping for some perspectives on this one!