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Integrating Aboriginal Teaching and Values into the Classroom

Integrating Aboriginal Teaching and Values into the Classroom

What Works? Research into Practice:  A research-into-practice series produced by a partnership between The Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat and the Ontario Association of Deans of Education

This resource calls upon research in aboriginal education to explain the importance of self esteem for the success of aboriginal learners. The publication highlights an Aboriginal Model of Self Esteem which describes the self as made up of the intellectual, spiritual, emotional-mental, and physical. The resource provides a guide to practical implementation of holistic ideas by referring to the Ojibwe Good Life Teachings and discussing the implications of teaching respect, bravery, wisdom, humility, honesty and truth.


Brendan Clark
Module 2 Post 1

Module 3 Post 1: Community Events (Ontario)

As I continue along on my journey through this course, and towards my final project, I’ve been looking for live events that I could attend this summer, that are relatively geographically close-by.  Lucky for me, I have quite a few options!  Here is a list and description of local events taking place around the Toronto area that I hope to attend and experience:

July 10 – 26 & August 7 – 9 (to coincide with the Para/Panam Games): Aboriginal Pavilionhttp://www.alppavilion.ca/

From the website: “The Pavilion will bring together Indigenous peoples from across the Americas to celebrate, share and learn through our exciting programming…At the very heart of the Aboriginal Pavilion is the Cultural Village which will consist of four traditional houses. Each one representative of a specific Indigenous community or a collective of individuals from an Indigenous group or region. The traditional houses are a visual and symbolic representation of Indigenous peoples coming together for the purpose of providing a rich experience that’s culturally appropriate, educational, and enriching.”

Summer-long: Ontario Pow Wowshttp://calendar.powwows.com/events/categories/pow-wows/pow-wows-in-ontario/  (I’m hoping to make it to the Oshweken Pow Wow with family!)

August 12 – A Tribe Called Red in Yonge & Dundas Square (group touring info @ http://atribecalledred.com/tour/  If you don’t know their music, do yourself a favour and check them out (e.g. in this commercial for the ParaPanam Games!)

Are there any events you guys are planning on hitting up this summer?


Module 1: Post 1(Progress Report on Aboriginal Learners)

The Ontario Progress Report on Aboriginal Learners is a great resource for those interested in monitoring the progress of Ontario’s Aboriginal education strategy, implemented in 2007. This resource not only provides historical data on the successes of Ontario’s Education Strategy but also next steps for advancing the goals of Aboriginal Education in the province.

This data will help the Ontario government work in partnership with school boards and First Nation, Métis and Inuit partners to continue to refine strategies and develop new initiatives to help Aboriginal students reach their full potential.

Read the progress report.