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Math Catcher: Mathematics Through Aboriginal Storytelling


This is an outreach program presented by SFU for aboriginal  elementary and high school students.  This project is sponsored by various organizations, including U.B.C. and NSERC.  The goal is to ‘teach math in the cultural context of students, as well as teaching students how to solve problems at an early age “.   They use aboriginal storytelling,  pictures, and hands-on activities to teach math to students.   They also have camps for aboriginal students to accelerate in math and English.

1.2: Indigenous Rights Radio/Cultural Survival

Indigenous Rights Radio

Cultural Survival

Indigenous Rights Radio is a media outreach initiative created by the organization Cultural Survival. Cultural Survival advocates for Indigenous Peoples rights and self-determination. The premise of Indigenous Rights Radio is to use community radio to inform indigenous communities around the globe of their rights. While the majority of the programming is in English and Spanish, the site has produced programming in 24 languages and has been broadcast over 1079 community radio stations. Most of the radio programming seems to be in the form of very short public service announcements created to inform and educate indigenous peoples on an array of topics including land rights, language rights, education rights, and rights to self-determination. The Resources section of the web page includes useful toolkits to assist local educators teach indigenous peoples about their specific rights. Examples of toolkits include “Protecting Your Community Against Mining Companies and Other Extractive Industries: A Guide for Community Organizers” and “Frequently Asked Questions About the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples”.

1.5 – Hōkūleʻa Educational Journey

This is one area that really interests me. I have recently come to know voyagers on Hōkūleʻa, a sailing canoe built on traditions of Hawaiian boat building culture.

Hōkūleʻa Homepage

To me, this project highlights some of the best ways that education and technology can work with an indigenous culture to express themselves, as well as build bridges to other cultures. The inclusive element of such a project is important as well. They share their worldview with others, and look to build connections in order to nurture conservation and environmentally sounds attitudes. This boat is coming to Bali in August, and I am exciting to visit them and meet the crew.