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module 2 post 3

Module 2 –post 3 https://picnicwiththepenan.wordpress.com/

Keywords: Penan, jungle, tourism, logging, self- reliance

Although this site may seem like a strange choice as it could be viewed as exoticising Penan culture, it struck me as the only site I have been in so far that actually spoke of the Penan as not being helpless. The article talks about the jungle trekking lead by Penan guides who take you through their territory and educate the traveler on the jungle but also on the effects of the logging industry and globalization. I chose it because it gave me hope.

module 2 post 1

Module 2 post 1

Keywords: Penan,  Dusun, Murut, History,Indegnous, links, issues


This site provides a brief history of the Indegenous tribes of Brunei as well as a short history of their interactions with one another and the government. The government language policy and legislation puts great stress on tribal people such as the Penan to give up their spiritual way of life and convert to Islam through incentives such as housing and fresh water.