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Module 4 Post 1 – The Role of Philanthropy in Reconciliation

The Philanthropist is a free online journal that provides articles and information related to the non-profit sector in Canada.  They recently published a series of three pieces that delve into Indigenous Communities and Philanthropy, with the most recent (July 9th) focusing on the role that philanthropy and non-corporate involvement will need to take in future reconciliation.  The post includes an excellent video that includes interviews and discussions about how Canadians (which the video states 2/3rds of whom believe they have a responsibility towards reconciliation) can and must get involved.  Below are the three articles in the series, listed from first to last in order of posting (the video is included in the last post).

June 1st: 100 Words for Philanthropy: Traditions of Caring & Sharing in Canada:

June 15th: The Philanthropic Community’s Declaration of Action:

July 9th: Interview with Chief Dr. Robert Joseph and Karen Joseph: