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Entry #3 – University of Saskatchewan Indigenous Studies Portal Research Tool


The iPortal is a database that contains both freely accessible and licensed resources (text and visual) connected primarily to the Canadian context of Aboriginal peoples, but also expanding to include a broader North American context as well. The range of resource types is broad, including but not limited to archival documents, photographs, e-books, websites, field notes, and artwork. The database is fully searchable or can be browsed through categories such as Spirituality or Economic Development. A project created in cooperation with many individuals and organizations, this database is a valuable resource for finding various resource types relevant to the Canadian Aboriginal context.

Module 1.5 – A picture tells a thousand words…

The Canadian Museum of History contains First People’s Photographic Perspectives collection in their archives.  These are amazing photographs to spark conversation with students around the life, traditions and culture of Indigenous People in Canada.  The Canadian Museum of History site also contains a large repository of research and collections of indigenous peoples in Canada.