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Christi Belcourt: Meeting the Artist -(Module 4-Post1)



In these two videos, Christi Belcourt explains her paintings, and the inspiration for them. It is evident that Christi’s work is driven by nature, and ecological issues regarding water, extinction of certain birds, and plants (along with their edibility and medicinal value). She refers to invaluable traditional knowledge. Christi explains how roots in one of her works represent connection to Mother Earth and her ancestors. My initial topic of inquiry is: ethnobotany through the Arts lens. Christi’s works are inspired by plants.

The use of plants across Nunavut & Reintegration of Knowledge (Post 2-Module 3)


This is a website of a society of ethnobiology that has papers on the use of plants and associated traditional knowledge in different communities across Nunvat. “Reintegration of this knowledge could help inform culturally-appropriate climate change adaptation strategies.”

Module 2, Post 4 – Enthobotany


I was very interested in the Nancy Turner video. I was not too aware of the field of ethnobotany before but it sounds fascinating.

This document is a catalogue of plants native to the prairies. It describes the plants and also explains how the First Nations traditionally used them.

This website talks about a project at the Montreal Biodome where the “living landscape” of the 11 First Nations groups of Quebec. It is part educational in nature and part research with scientists looking at traditional remedies for health problems.