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Project 562

Matika Wilbur created Project 562 with the goal to photograph members of every recognized indigenous community in the United States.  By doing so, the artist hopes to help change some of the perceptions, images, and stereotypes of the American indigenous population.  The photos are typically black and white and highlight the diversity of indigenous communities and culture.  The tumblr link below is to a short video also created by Wilbur where she creates a public experiment by asking New Yorkers to guess the ethnic background of a few indigenous volunteers.  



Brendan Clark
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Project 562

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This is Matika Wilbur’s site that showcases her efforts to bring the real face of today’s modern native to the world.  For too long she has felt that the story of the native peoples of North America has been hijacked by mass media.  It is important to point out that she herself points out that not an image does not have to be negative to be wrong but she feels that for too long native people have not been able to tell their own story.  Her goal is to travel across North America and take photos of the real face of modern natives in their true context and not in the construct created for them by mass media.  Her goal is to offer people a conduit, through photographs, to show who they really are.