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3.5: Indigenous Maps, Films, and Land Claims Certificate

Indigenous Maps, Films, and Land Claims Certificate

In my research on indigenous film, I stumbled upon this intriguing certificate offered by the University of Fraser Valley. The three-course certificate aims to provide learners with a deeper understanding of the land claims process. In the first course, students study the practical challenges of creating maps to support land claims. In the second course, students study how film, other forms of representational media, and direct action can bring attention to land claims issues. In the third course, students embed themselves in Stó:lõ culture to study the Stó:lõ Nation’s legal, political, and economic land struggles.

Module 4 – Post 5: A Journey into Time Immemorial

A Journey into Time Immemorial

In searching for interactive ways to present Indigenous knowledge and culture using technology, I came across this exceptional site. This virtual journey is highly interactive and viewers can explore the village in order to learn about Sto:lo traditional ways of living. Interactive icons, such as villagers, animals, fish, boats, etc. can be selected to find out more information about it or information can be access via the multiple dropdown menus.

In addition, the site also provides resources for educators who wish to use the site for science, social studies, English and language arts, and First Nations’ studies classes. For each class topic, learning outcomes are also provided for students in different grades (6-10). The site also contains video and audio resources such that you can listen to interviews with Elders and community members as well as games and a glossary.

This site would be an excellent resource to learn about the Sto:lo Nation’s traditions and culture. I also believe this would be appealing to a younger demographic and could be used in classrooms.

Module 3 | Post 1 A Journey into Time Immemorial

In my own research for my final project, I have been directed to this site  by staff in the aboriginal services office at BCIT.  It is a ‘research project’ that resulted in an interactive story told by first nations and developed by people who worked closely with or who are first nation members themselves.  It is a beautiful site and gives a sense of the richness and depth of the culture that existed and exists in the Mission, BC area.   Note:  This site is flash based so will not work well on an iPad or iPhone as it relies on the Flash application.

A Journey into Time Immemorial http://www.sfu.museum/time/en/flash/