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20 Must Follow Aboriginal Twitter Accounts

Since I am looking into Aboriginals and social media use I found a blog post on the Elevator Strategy blog that listed 20 Aboriginals to follow on Twitter.  These accounts are vast and varied, from Reconciliation Canada who are trying to mend the broken ties among Aboriginal who attended residential schools and fellow Canadians (@Rec_Can) to one of my personal favourites @UrbanNativeGirl, Lisa Charleyboy who is from Tsilhqot’in Nation.  Lisa is the Editor of Urban Native Magazine and is a well known leader in the Aboriginal community.  Keeping readers up to date on media, fashion and music as well as events and news.

The list is varied and interesting. Definitely worth a look.

Tanya Tagaq takes on cyberbullies and stereotypes

Inuk throat singer Tagaq relieved after online harrasser’s Twitter account shut down

By Connie Walker, CBC News

I found this article interesting because it ties together the conversation around online identities of aboriginal people, cyberbullying, and Nanook of the North.  This story covered by the CBC discusses the online harassing of an Inuk throat singer after she posted photos of her infant child next to a freshly killed seal.  Anti-seal hunting activists verbally attacked her online until one of the offenders’ Twitter account was removed after a police investigation.  Her performances include a version of Nanook of the North where she addresses stereotypes by creating her own music to accompany the famous film.  The article includes links to her performances and Twitter feed


Module 2 Post 3

Brendan Clark

Module 4 Post 3 – Online Zines

This may be common online-knowledge for many of my classmates, but for me finding Muskrat Magazine has been an exciting development!  It is chock full of current articles and topics related to Indigenous issues, and an active Twitter account that links to their articles.

I also happened upon Urban Native Magazine, which has a slick layout and many interesting features with a pop culture focus.  That said, I’m not sure when it was last updated, but their twitter account was used only a month ago and so hopefully they are still active.  Through them I was able to find the account of Lisa Charleyboy (@UrbanNativeGirl), who hosts a radio show with the CBC called ‘New Fire‘, with short episodes that range in topics (recently she has been focusing on cultural appropriation).  As a fan of pop culture in general, I’m thrilled to have found these two online Zines, and can’t wait to see where my explorations lead me!