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Entry #19: Saskatoon Health Region – First Nations and Métis Health Services


This website contains information for First Nations and Métis peoples regarding medical services available in the Saskatoon Health Region.  Through online brochures, contact information, and links to other Saskatoon Health Region services, visitors to the site can access mental wellness telephone assistance, information about chronic disease management, and how to find an advocate to support oneself in the health care system.  The face-to-face services provided by the department are also communicated, as well as how to access them.  Because of the impoverished living conditions facing many First Nations and Métis people in Saskatchewan, this website is a much needed resource to help Indigenous peoples in Saskatchewan access necessary medical information, treatment, and support.  Links on the site connect to other departments of the health region and external helplines.

Module 3, Post 5 – Health and Wellness Organizations

The other aspect I was interested for my final project was Health initiatives. So I have also looked into organizations that provide information about health and wellness.

This organization provides a holistic approach and is focused primarily on healing physical and mental issues from residential schools. They fund a lot of different projects as well as publish documents relating to these concerns.

This organization works to make public health care more inclusive for all indigenous people. They mix together traditional knowledge with scientific processes such as case studies to help improve public health care.


Module 2, Post 5 -Traditional Health and Medicine

Traditional Health and Medicine

Having looked into ethnobotany I became interested in traditional health knowledge. This website provides an introduction with some terminology and additional resources.

This is an article about the importance of traditional health practices and their importance for all over well-being.

This report is a bit off topic of traditional medicine, but it sums up pre/post colonization First Nations health and proscribes a plan for improving health services and the overall wellness of First Nations community.