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Module 3, Post 1 – Youth and Decolonization

Youth and Decolonization

I was interested in decolonization efforts supporting First Nations youth. I found this interesting article about a comic that works to open a discussion about suicide prevention.

There is also a good website for First Nations youth from Quebec and Labrador. Most of the general information is in English but some of the event posting information is in French (for example the June 12 event on Decolonizing Street Art).


Module 2.4 “We Are Still Here”

This is a short documentary about three young Native Americans who tell their story living in Minnesota.  They each speak about what it was like growing up in Minnesota that was different from their cultural way of life.  One young man gave an example about the way they use to get their meat from the grocery store and that he had no idea he could buy beef.  He thought everybody hunted and fished or went into the woods to get their meat.   Another girl felt she was more assimilated and didn’t practice her traditions/culture, while another mentioned that going to sweats and being ceremonial was not a part of her lifestyle.  It wasn’t until much older when each of them began experiencing their culture more.  Everyone was affected by colonization differently, and reminiscing about the “boarding school era” where the children grew up not knowing anything about their culture reinforced that the dominant culture is what you see inside of everybody. The historical trauma is still affecting people today and now it’s about trying to figure out how to move on, but more importantly, letting everyone else know that they are still here and have a strong culture to preserve and share.


Module 1 Post 5 – News Article

My mum forwarded this interesting Globe and Mail article to me this week, as it’s obviously related to our course thus far!

Link: “Native Youth Claim Their Future Through Technology”

The article is part of a series the paper is running called “Rich Country Poor Country”, and looks at the disparity in income and standard of living in Canada between a variety of groups.  The author, a contributor to the paper named Gabrielle Fayant, describes growing up very poor and the impact this had on her and her peers – but then goes on to describe how she is using technology as a platform for programs that effect change.

For those interested, the video linked within the article goes into greater detail about the wealth gap, and this article (link: http://www.macleans.ca/news/canada/out-of-sight-out-of-mind-2/ ) from Maclean’s I read a few months ago lays it out even more plainly.