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It’s Superbowl Sunday

And my mum bought 4 packs of guacamole, a litre of sour cream, a fresh jar of moderately spicy salsa, a supersize bag of nacho chips, cheese, and a football shaped container of chicken wings.

It’s days when I see my fridge stocked with these things that I realize the benefits of living at home. Yay Costco and mother!

I don’t think my Active Health prof would be pleased with me.

Who's gonna win the Super Bowl?

Also YAY for Beyonce.

Sun makes me hopeful

To break up the monotony of all the previous text posts, I have found some music that matches the weather! And yes, I mean the SUNNY weather 🙂

I’m hoping for good grades on my midterms, good health (I’ve been having coughing fits lately), and more good weather. What are you hoping for?

One of the most moving songs ever

Seriously, so much respect for the people who created this song. Please, take a listen.

Haircuts and sore throats

I finally got that much-needed haircut! It was getting ridiculously long and it got in the way of everything, from eating to showering to zipping up my jacket.  I kid you not.

So I had over 4 inches lopped off! There was quite the pile of hair on the salon floor. I think I’m five pounds lighter now, bahaha.

As for other news… I’m sick, despite the flu shot.  Mind you, I’m pretty sure it’s a cold, not the flu, so I’m not actually peeved off about it or anything. It just really sucks because my throat is sore and I can’t eat all the yummy foods available to me (hurrah for Costco runs and Christmas treats!). Also, the Killers/Tegan and Sara* concert is this Monday, so I really really really hope I’m feeling better by then!

Here is the acoustic version of Tiesto’s I Feel It in My Bones! There’s actually an extra stanza in this version that wasn’t included in the Tiesto version, so I like it better 😛

*I’m mostly going to the concert for Tegan and Sara but shhhhh.

Ways to Procrastinate: UBC Compliments!

Happy Friday! I guess we’re all gearing up for finals, but NEVER FEAR BECAUSE COURTNEY IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY with her procrastination tips.

There’s this neat little page on Facebook called UBC Compliments  that I just discovered.  The description is as follows:

This is a social experiment that started at Queen’s University in Canada. Brown, Washington University in St. Louis, and Yale have all done similar [projects]. This page is a place for you to do something nice for your friends or peers anonymously in a way that you cannot do in person. Inbox us and we’ll post your compliments right away!

It’s a really cute concept, and it’s already taken off quite nicely, with 448 likes at the time this post was written (yup, I queue my posts). I’ve already flipped through all the compliments and recognized one student and one professor (the much-talked-about Professor Gateman, of course!). In case you were wondering, I have yet to submit a compliment.

Another site that could go viral is 48,000 Secrets, which is run by a group of UBC students. The concept is a bit like PostSecret, but without the pictures and the fanbase (yet). I’ll have to check back in a month to see how it’s going!

Both projects are definitely ways to blow off steam for finals season! So go out there and show some love 🙂